5 picks from The London Coffee Festival 2017
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5 picks from The London Coffee Festival 2017

Last week London was the place to be in the coffee world. For those of you who have never been lucky enough to attend the London Coffee Festival let me explain; for 4 days, an old brewery in Shoreditch gets invaded by the coffee industry. Everyone from coffee roasters, makers, cafes, musicians’ and more set up base. It’s a caffeine (and cocktail) fuelled party for the speciality coffee scene.

I was only down for a flying visit, literally flew down to London on Thursday morning for the trade day at the festival and flew back on Thursday night. I met some exciting new coffee roasters, saw some familiar faces and discovered new coffee trends. Here are my favourite picks from my day at the London Coffee Festival.


Department of Brewology Mural

FIlter Coffee, Not People

The guys at the Department of Brewology have been combining design and coffee for a few years now. This year they came over to London to spread a super positive message after the recent travel bans in the states; Filter Coffee, Not People. It’s a great message and the mural was beautiful. Over the 4 days, visitors were encouraged to add to the mural and paint it with colours. I was only there for the first day, but the finished result is over on their Instagram so be sure to check it out!

Dripster Cold Brewer

Dripster Cold Brewer

After having had a few espressos early on and it starting to warm up at The Old Truman Brewery, stumbling across the Dripster stall was a refreshing experience. This clever new cold brewer is the brainchild of Hans and Philipp from Germany. It’s simple to use and brews delicious cold brew, this will be a must for coffee lovers over the summer. Which is why we’ll be listing this product on our site very soon!

Redemption Roasters

Redemption Roasters

When you’re at a festival full of coffee roasters, how do you stand out from the rest? It’s not always about having a mind-blowing coffee experience, sometimes it’s about having a great story. Cue Redemption Roasters, not only is this roastery different, it also makes a difference. They train young offenders coffee roasting and barista skills at their training centre at Aylesbury Prison. With stats showing that 50% of prisoners become re-offenders if they haven’t learnt new skills before leaving prison, Redemption hopes to direct young offenders on a new path into the world of coffee.

Flat Brew Coffee Spread

Flat Brew Coffee Sprea

Have you ever wished you could spread your coffee on bread instead of drinking it from a cup? Ok, neither had I, but I regret not thinking about it before! Flat Brew Coffee Spread is like Nutella, but with coffee. It’s super smooth and really tasty! I could easily see myself getting addicted to this product. It’s just made it to market and is available at Selfridges in London, but I doubt it will be long before it’s picked up nationwide.

Rosalie McMillan’s Coffee Jewellery

Rosalie McMillan - Coffee Jewelery

It was impossible for me to walk past Rosalie McMillan’s stand without her geometric jewellery catching my eye (As you might have gathered from the Cloud Coffee logo, I’m into geometric shapes). It turns out Rosalie’s designs were inspired by the shapes of ground coffee (just like our logo!). She also uses recycled coffee grounds to create the materials used with her jewellery. It’s always nice to meet people using coffee in different and creative ways!

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