Introducing: Craft House Coffee from West Sussex, England
Roaster Stories | , by Matt Clark
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Introducing: Craft House Coffee from West Sussex, England

Given the sheer amount of exceptional coffee roasters currently based in England, I'm surprised we've managed to go this long at Cloud Coffee and not team up with one. However, for the month of November, we're sending out coffee from Craft House Coffee (CHC) from West Sussex, England.

Spearheaded by founder and roaster, Tom Osborne, Craft House Coffee was founded in 2014 and to date is still a one-man team. Tom does everything from sourcing the coffee and roasting it, to sending it out to his customers. Tom approaches his coffee in a slow and methodical way, taking the time understand the coffee he's working with before finalising roast profiles for each origin. 

Infrastructure coffee from Craft House Coffee, showing the partnership between roaster and producer

One look at the packaging from CHC, and you can tell that origin is the focus of their coffee. But Tom is working on taking that a step further but building direct relationships with the producers of the raw coffee he buys. For those receiving the Columbian coffee from us this month, they'll see the "infrastructure" sticker. This is a new project from CHC to build relationships with producers to allow for greater transparency for the consumer along with the knowledge that the farmers are getting paid fairly for the work involved in growing exceptional coffee. 


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