Introducing: Johan & Nyström from Sweden
Roaster Stories | , by Matt Clark
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Introducing: Johan & Nyström from Sweden

It is with great pleasure that we are able to launch Cloud Coffee with one of our favourite roasters, and one we've worked with on other projects for some time. 

In 2004, five friends decided coffee in Sweden was boring so they started a coffee revolution. They founded Johan & Nyström, Sweden's first speciality coffee roastery. To them, coffee is not a job, it's a lifestyle and a passion. For over ten years they have innovated, improved and challenged the industry's misconceptions about quality. They have honed their roasting process to highlight the farmers hard work and the nuanced flavours of origins. 

Over the years, Johan & Nyström has built up relationships with farmers at origin and now work with many through Direct Trade. The advantage of working directly means that Johan & Nyström can guarantee the money makes it to the hard working farmers and happily pay well above fair trade rates. They visit the farmers regularly and are able pass on knowledge from their partners all over the world, both improving the quality of the coffee and the working standards for the farmers. 

Our first subscription boxes will include three single estate coffees from different parts of the world. These will include coffee from Columbia, El Salvador and Ethiopia. In our boxes you'll find tasting notes and more information about the farmer and the origin.

Follow us on Instagram where we'll be posting stories from Johan & Nyström. We hope you enjoy the coffee from Johan & Nyström as much as we do.

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