Introducing: Lot Sixty One
Roaster Stories | , by Matt Clark
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Introducing: Lot Sixty One

After a run of UK coffee roasters, we're heading back to mainland Europe for our August collaboration. We're teaming up with Lot Sixty One, an exceptional coffee roaster from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Lot Sixty One - Probat Roaster

Lot Sixty One was founded in 2013 by two Australians, Adam Craig and Paul Jenner. At the time, there weren't many micro-roasters or speciality cafes in Amsterdam, mostly just the big chains such as Starbucks. Adam and Paul decided to inject their vision of Australian coffee culture into the city, aiming to roast high-quality single origin speciality coffee mixed with an innovative cafe setting. The space that became the home for Lot Sixty One is a picturesque corner unit on Kinkerstraat that overlooks the canal. It doubles up as a cafe in the upper half, with their Probat coffee roaster and lab occupying the lower half. The name, Lot Sixty One, comes from the Australian area code of "61". Coffee is also purchased in "lots" and the Dutch word "lot" translates to; destiny. 

Lot Sixty One - Cafe

Traceability is important to Lot Sixty One, they use the best coffee importers from around the world, buying green coffee fresh from the seasonal harvests that can be traced right back to the farmers, ensuring that fair prices go directly to the source. In the cafe, you will always find their Bambora blend and Brazilian FIVR as the consistent house espressos, along with a guest espresso and filters that showcase the nuances of single origin coffees from around the world.

Our CLOUDCOFFEE subscribers will be receiving coffee from Kenya, Brasil and Peru in their boxes. If you want to get your boxes be sure to sign up before August 4th.

You can follow more from Lot Sixty One on their Instagram and Facebook.

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