Introducing: Obadiah Collective
Roaster Stories | , by Matt Clark
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Introducing: Obadiah Collective

As we hit mid-summer in the UK, we're excited to be collaborating with our next coffee roaster: Obadiah Collective. Obadiah Collective is a multi-disciplinary creative outlet with its main focus on roasting high-quality single-origin coffee. 

To tell the story of Obadiah is to tell the story of Sam. Growing up in Perth, Australia, Sam was surrounded by an emerging coffee scene that is highly regarded around the world. He might seem young to be running his own coffee roastery, but he doesn't lack experience. Sam spent 5 years roasting coffee for Five Senses Coffee, a powerhouse in Australian coffee scene.

In 2015, Sam moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, and quickly decided he wanted to start roasting coffee again when the opportunity arose to help a friend set up a roastery in Bulgaria. The first iteration of Obadiah Coffee was born. With Sam's guidance, the coffee was roasted in Bulgaria, and shipped back to Edinburgh. Sam, with the help of his friend Miles, showcased the coffee at Obadiah's pop-up cafe in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town. 

In 2016 Sam teamed up with Alice and they decided this was a good opportunity to rebrand and refocus Obadiah more locally. Obadiah Collective was born, with the coffee being roasted in Edinburgh, and a new direction to support the local creative scene.

Obadiah Collective coffees are a selection of exceptionally high-quality single origins, all scoring 84+. Obadiah has selected three coffees that will be sent out to CLOUDCOFFEE Subscribers on the 10th of July. Sign up before the 5th to get involved.

Kainamui / Kenya

Tasting notes: Cola, yuzu, a buttery body and vine tomatoes.

Guji Liyu / Ethiopia

Tasting notes: Bergamot, peach acidity and orange blossom.

Fazenda Pantano / Brazil

Tasting notes: Caramel & Molasses



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