The V60 brew

The Hario V60 is common sight in speciality cafes everywhere and for good reason too. Once mastered, you’ll have superior control and the ability to tailor your brews to your desired taste.

What you'll need
  • Hario V60 brewer
  • Kettle (with a long goose neck for accurate pouring)
  • Scales (ideally with built in timer)
  • Server/large mug
  • 21g Coffee (medium grind)
  1. Step One

    Fold the filter paper along the seam and place into the V60. Sit the V60 on top of the server and rinse the filter paper thoroughly with boiling water from the kettle. Discard the water from the server and replace the V60. Place the server and V60 on top of your scales and tear to zero.

  2. Step Two

    Add 21g ground coffee as evenly as possible. Start the “Bloom” and wet all of the coffee grounds. Start the timer and pour water into the V60 (three parts water to one-part coffee) in a circular motion.

  3. Step Three

    Once the water has been poured, give it a quick stir (optional) and leave until the timer reaches 30 seconds (if your coffee is fresh, you should see lots of bubbles as the CO2 is released from).

  4. Step Four

    After 30 seconds, the bloom is over. You now want to add the rest of the water in one steady pour. Start pouring in the centre of the coffee and work your way out in a clockwise, spiral, motion.

  5. Step Five

    Work your way back in towards the centre and repeat until the desired 350g of water has been reached. Now simply wait until all water has drained through the coffee. (We’re aiming for a brew time of no longer than 3 minutes. If it’s taking longer than that, you need to coarsen your grind)

  6. Step Six

    Your brew is now finished. Decant into a cup, and enjoy!