Colombian Decaf - 250g

Colombian Decaf - 250g

Johan & Nyström

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  • Roaster Johan & Nystrom
  • Name Colombia Decaf
  • Origin Huila, Southern Colombia
  • Variety Various
  • Process Washed
  • Altitude 900-1400m

Taste Profile | Smooth & Full Bodied; Butterscotch, Balanced and Tart.

Coffee Description | Colombia Decaf is a coffee with a nice fresh sweetness, medium body and an aftertaste that is clean and very enjoyable. Surely the best tasting decaf coffee you ever have been drinking. 

Unlike the majority of decaf coffees in the world, this coffee arrives fresh to the decaf station, directly from the drying tables. The decaffeinating process is done using ethyl acetate, a natural ester that is extracted from sugar cane. Without exposing the beans to unnecessarily high pressure or high temperatures using sophisticated steam technology allows the possibility to extract only caffeine from the coffee. This maintains the bean’s natural cellular structure as well as flavor and aroma. 

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