Dripster Cold Drip Coffee Maker

Dripster Cold Drip Coffee Maker


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Introducing the Dripster Cold Drip Coffee Maker, the easiest way to make cold brew coffee at home. Perfect for that coffee hit on a warm day.

The Dripster is a compact, easy to use, home cold brew coffee maker. The water and ground coffee chambers are mad of high grade, food safety, plastic and the base is a pyrex glass jug. The filter is a metal mesh and doesn't need to be replaced, just washed.

Extracting coffee by using cold water creates a very different beverage to coffee extracted with hot water. The flavour is sweeter with fewer bitters and more fruity aromas. Refreshing served over ice or in a cocktail.

Use approximately 7-10g of ground coffee per 100ml of water. With a maximum capacity of 600ml of water.

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