Ethiopia Welena - 250g

Ethiopia Welena - 250g

Johan & Nyström

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  • Roaster Johan & Nystrom
  • Name Ethiopia Welena
  • Origin Ethiopia, Shakiso region
  • Farm Welena
  • Variety Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Process Washed & Natural
  • Altitude 1800-1950m

Taste Profile | Sweet & Full-flavoured; Nectarine, Floral and Sweet Candy.

Coffee Description | Ethiopia Welena is a mixture of washed and natural organic coffee. Taste-wise it’s a combination of fresh nectarines from the washed process, and the full sweet candy sweetness from the sun dried natural process. Mouth feel becomes larger and creamier while freshness and complexity shapes the aftertaste. It’s a truly complex cup of coffee. Johan & Nystrom buy this wonderful coffee directly from the farmer Tesfaye Bekele.

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