Hario V60 Plastic

Hario V60 Plastic


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Commonplace in third wave cafes around the world, baristas love the control and precision the V60 offers. Its unique spiral ridges swirl the water agitating the ground coffee as the water filters down the cone shaped filters helping with extraction. With the right pouring technique, you will see this subtle whirlpool effect in action.

The V60 can be used with any kettle, but for consistency and precision we recommend a long spouted kettle such as Hario’s own branded kettle.

The plastic V60 is great for traveling due to its durable build and ease of cleaning. It’s also great for home and office brewing and a great starting piece for those just getting into brewing their own coffee.

To learn more about brewing with a V60, please visit our V60 Brew Guide.

Filters are sold separately, available here.

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