El Salvador Menendez - 250g

El Salvador Menendez - 250g

Johan & Nyström

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  • Roaster Johan & Nystrom
  • Name El Salvador Menendez
  • Origin Apaneca, El Salvador
  • Farm Various, Family Menendez
  • Variety Red Bourbon
  • Process Washed
  • Altitude 1300-1600m

Taste Profile | Smooth & Full Bodied; Milk Chocolate, Toffee and Orange

Coffee Description | The family Menendez spearheaded by Miguel Menendez Sr. cultivates coffee with a character that is creamy sweet and has notes of milk chocolate, toffee and orange. They have beautiful farms located around the massif Apaneca in
western El Salvador and Johan & Nystrom are proud to have bought coffee from them through the last four crop seasons. It’s not difficult to convey the joy and pride Johan & Nystrom have to have their friends’ coffee in their range and we hope that everyone who drink this sweet bourbon feel the hard work behind the coffee.

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